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As we are in close touch with the trade fairs, with many important exhibitors and agents at different fairs, our Consultancy department can find the most appropriate supplier in China for your products. Through Chinaexpo-fair.com we can provide "ONE-STOP" services to conduct business with direct suppliers and manufacturers in China, as well as with distribution companies. You can also get in direct contact with the manufacturing plants and you can even select from the logistics offers for the transport.

With us you can benefit from full one-stop services consisting of:

  • Direct Supplier selection
  • Negotiating contractual terms
  • Complete logistics flow
  • "Door to door delivery" from China to your country

For this type of highly complex services, we operates with fixed, reasonable prices, practicing a small commission based on volume orders.

Services details

a) Inspection "Pre-Production"

We will ensure that your selected suppliers meet the quality and production requirements of your business.

b) Inspection "During Production"

We will check for our clients, after the order has been made, if the production is in the normal parameters and if the production and delivery timetable of the order is respected. We will communicate permanently with the suppliers, will confirm the order for you, collect the needed samples, so we can solve the possible problems before they exist.

c) "Pre-Delivery Inspection" and "Pre-Shipment Inspection"

We will check the quality, quantity, packing and technical documentation for the order so that all of it complies with your requirements.

d) Taking care of international transport formalities

We will prepare all documents required for customs and export formalities and we will verify that the export documents from China are accurate and complete; For international transport, we cooperate with many transport agents (MSC, APL, PPL) at very good quotations, both on FOB basis and in door-to-door system.

e) Repackaging / repacking

At your request, we can change the collective packaging with one individual packing; It is possible to tag and write bar codes and also to mark the pallets for easier identification of the products at destination.

Optional services

a) Choice of supplier
We are choosing verified manufacturers that combine professionalism with flexibility, technical capacity with the quality and volume of delivered products, tracking the lowest price, facilitating the selection of suppliers from a database of over 5.000 Chinese manufacturers.

b) Ensure translation or translation of documents
Translation is provided by Chinese-speaking translators and may include technical discussions, contractual negotiations, etc; Translation of documents (eg contracts, technical leaflets, customs documentation, etc) will be carried out by authorized translators.

c) Procurement of the sample
We can request for you the samples from the supplier / manufacturer to check the quality of the products.

d) Product customization
We will ensure that ordered products will be customized with your company logo and brand.

e) Negotiation of contracts
We will negotiate for you: the best price; delivery time for products; payment terms; the delivery conditions of the order so that the resulting contract meets the customer's requirements. The value of this type of service will be determined by the complexity of the negotiations, their duration, the number of suppliers, etc.

Our role is to make the "Buying from China" process easier to understand, safer and more controllable. So if you are looking for a specific product/products and if your buying intention is serious and valid, don't hesitate to e-mail us or contact us and we will do our best to assist you in your search.


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